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Crafco RoadSaver 522 Sealant: Field Evaluations & Performance Reports

Crafco RoadSaver 522 is a hot-applied crack sealant used for cracks and joints in pavement less than 1.5-in (38.1mm) wide. It is important to evaluate and report on field performance for crack sealant products. Crafco has participated regularly in these independent, impartial studies to ensure that our materials perform well in variety of settings.

Please read through information from three field performance studies included in this section, and contact us at 800-528-8242 or with any questions about Crafco 522 Sealant!

Filice, Joe. February 2003. Study of Crack Sealant Products (Routing and Sealing).

ABTR/RD/TM-05/02. Technical Services Branch, Alberta Transportation, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  • The objective of this evaluation was to report on field performance of eight crack sealants from eight manufacturers.  Crack sealants were evaluated in a wide range of locations and conditions in Alberta Canada in 1994 and the results were finalized in 2002. The sealant products were placed on pavement that was between 7- and 11- years-old.  Both transverse and longitudinal cracks were routed.  All of the transverse cracks were working (>2.5 mm movement), and some of the longitudinal cracks were working.
  • The best performing sealants based on their long-term performance, in order, are Crafco RoadSaver 522, Husky 1611 and Koch 9030.

Weselak, Vic, and Kavanagh, Leonnie. April 9, 1996. 1995/96 Crack Sealant Evaluation – PTH 1 East (PR 207 to 4 Km Eastbound).

Manitoba Department of Highways & Transportation. Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada.

  • The objective of this evaluation was to report on field performance of 13 hot-pour crack sealants, by 7 suppliers, that were applied by a department crew in Manitoba Canada on a 2 year old asphalt concrete overlay of concrete pavement by September 1995 and evaluated for two years.  Cracks were routed, cleaned and dried with a hot air lance, then sealed with Shallow Recessed Band-Aid.
  • Transverse and longitudinal cracks were routed to 40 mm (1 ½”) wide x 10 mm (⅜”) depth (ratio=4:1)
  • None of the 13 sealants had failure in the longitudinal joints
  • Four of 13 sealants had satisfactory field performance.  In order of performance, Crafco RoadSaver 522 (2% failure rate) Crafco RoadSaver 231 (4%) Bemac 950138 Beram 195 (4%) and Koch 9030HV (4%).

Kavanagh, Leonnie. April 20, 2006. 2004-2006 Joint and Crack Sealant Evaluation Report.

Manitoba Transportation & Government Service Materials Engineering Branch. File:55.09.141. Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada.

  • Objective of the study was to evaluate the field performance and lab testing of 9 hot-pour and 3 cold-pour sealants for approval and use by Manitoba Transportation and Government Services (MTGS).  Eight suppliers were invited to participate in 2004 for a 2-year performance evaluation.
  • The pavement was a four-year-old bituminous overlay of an existing bituminous pavement. This study builds on the 1995-1997 study and is intended to re-evaluate existing, and new sealants, and allow new suppliers and their products to be approved by the Department.
  • Transverse and longitudinal cracks were routed to 30 mm (1 3/16”) wide x 10 mm (⅜”) depth (ratio=3:1), cleaned with a hot-air lance, and then sealed with a Shallow Recessed Band-Aid.   Cold-pour sealants were not used in a routed reservoir, just a cleaned crack.
  • Based on the results of the 2004-2006 field evaluation, only two out of the twelve sealants had acceptable field performance and met the Department requirements.  The two sealants were Crafco RoadSaver 522 and Crafco Asphalt Rubber Plus Type 2 (34244).  Crafco sealants met the requirement of a failure rate of 7% or less in the first year and 10% in the second year.  The other seven hot-pour sealants had failure rates ranging from 29% to 70%.
  • There was no relationship between sealant that met the specification and its field performance. The majority passed in the lab and did not result in acceptable field performance.

Contact your local Crafco representative at 800-528-8242 or for additional reports or information about Crafco RoadSaver 522 sealant or any of our other hot-applied crack sealants.