What is Spray Injection?

Spray Injection is a specialized repair process that combines hot asphalt emulsion and crushed aggregate, using forced air. It is an exceptional repair method for potholes, shoulder work, alligator cracking, depressions, utility cuts and any other type of repair that would use traditional hot or cold-mix asphalt. Spray Injection patching cleans, tacks, fills and compacts in one operation. The process provides a long-lasting, cost-effective repair.

At Crafco we make just the right tool, The Magnum Spray Injection Patcher effectively repairs a wide variety of pavement conditions. It cleans the area to be repaired, applies a tack coat, coats the aggregate with asphalt emulsion and then applies the mixture, all in one easy continuous operation.

Using high velocity air in conjunction with the screw auger, the coated aggregate material is compacted during application, leaving virtually no voids in the final pavement repair and making a long lasting patch that is superior to conventional methods as proven by government studies.