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HP Concrete – CALTRANS, CA

HP Concrete Cold Patch installation in CaliforniaProject

The repair areas are in a heavily travelled two-lane highway with 70-80 mph traffic.
The concrete bridge deck’s 3” asphalt overlay had oxidized and deteriorated, causing potholes. Drivers were complaining about tire blowouts received while driving on this section of highway.
Caltrans had used various types of asphalt mixes, but nothing was staying in repair. Rick Russell had heard positive comments from other supervisors and decided to pick some up from Caltrans Essex yard for trial use in a repair area.
Several rain and snow storms followed and the HP Concrete withstood the elements, leading to additional use.


Caltrans Mountain Pass, CA

  • Highway 15, southbound #1 lane on bridge deck heading out of Las Vegas, NV
  • Treatment of Potholes

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