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Mastic One – Highway 460 VA

cracked road before Mastic One applicationProject

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) was looking for a solution to a
problem that they were commonly fixing with a cold patch product. The cold patch
product continued to fail after each season due to normal traffic patterns and snow
plow activity during winter season. Time and money were a concern to VDOT because
it became costly to constantly repair the area using a cold patch material even though
the price of the material was relatively low.

Mastic One was installed on the Hwy 460 project in March of 2008. Ten months
later in January 2009, an inspection of the patches showed Mastic One was still
completely intact with excellent adhesive characteristics.


Virginia DOT, VA

  • Hwy 460 East Prince William County/Nottoway County Virginia Line

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