New Program for Asphalt Manufacturers Creates Opportunities & Revenue

Crafco HP Asphalt Partner Program

Pavement preservation specialist Crafco has just released a new program for asphalt manufacturers. The Crafco HP Asphalt Cold Patch Producer Partner Program lets qualified companies produce and market bulk Crafco HP Asphalt Cold Patch at their own plants. Through this opportunity, asphalt manufacturers can generate a new revenue stream while filling seasonal capacity voids. They can also produce the material for their own needs. With the additional manufacturing locations, Crafco will be better able to keep up with cold patch demand and mobilize HP Asphalt Cold Patch delivery from more points of origin.

The Crafco Producer Partner program is designed to be a collaboration between Crafco and asphalt companies. Crafco will work with partners to determine optimal capacity and storage planning, bulk oil delivery timing, material handling, and other logistics. Crafco engineers and technicians will also support customers in procuring climate-optimized materials, maximizing production efficiencies, and handling quality assurance. The program aims to help customers build a value-added extension to their businesses, without additional capital equipment or investment outlay. Outside of raw materials, there is no cost for the Crafco program.

“The Crafco HP Asphalt Cold Patch Producer Partner Program is a quick and easy way for asphalt producers to boost revenues,” said Jim Slatten, Cold Patch Product Manager of Crafco. “As we discuss this opportunity with them, it becomes clear how seamless the process is. Even providers who were once reluctant because of perceived space or workload issues are realizing this is a win-win.”

For complete details or a consultation, asphalt manufacturers can call/text Slatten at 480-435-1624 or email Established Crafco customers can direct inquiries to their Territory Manager.