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Crafco Mastic and Cold Patch Calculators

Use our Mastic & Cold Patch Calculator to estimate the amount of material you will need for your project. Learn more about our pavement solutions for wide cracks & distresses.

HP Asphalt & HP Concrete Calculator

Do you need Crafco’s HP Asphalt or HP Concrete for your upcoming project?

HP Asphalt Cold Patch comes pre-mixed and can be applied in all weather conditions and climates for asphalt repairs, including patching potholes.

HP Concrete Cold Patch is a gray single component patching material perfect for bridges, airports, concrete roads, parking decks, and sidewalks.

Click for high performance cold patch videos.

Mastic One & Mastic Patch Calculator

Ideal for large cracks and distressed surfaces that are too small for re-paving, Mastic One is the flexible and waterproof solution for both asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Click for more videos about our Mastic product solutions.

Mastic Patch is ideal for asphalt repair for potholes and spalls that are at least 2 inches deep and over half a square foot in area in both asphalt concrete and portland cement concrete pavements.

We recommend our Patcher II Melter for application.

TechCrete R & TechCrete TBR Calculator

TechCrete is a long-lasting, flexible hot-applied mastic sealant that resists cracking, delamination, and spalling. TechCrete is ideal for sealing wide cracks and joints and repairing pavement distresses such as:

  • Cracking (Corner breaks, longitudinal and transverse cracking)
  • Joint deficiencies (Spalling of longitudinal and transverse joints)
  • Surface defects (Map cracking and scaling, pop-outs)
  • Miscellaneous deterioration (Blowups, faulting of transverse joints and cracks, lane-to-shoulder dropoff, lane-to-shoulder separation, and patch/patch deterioration)
  • Bridge deck potholes and surface spalling

Use the calculator below to get started! Please feel free to contact us when you’re ready to place your order!