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Crafco Asphalt Pavement Sealcoating

Use Crafco’s line of Action Pave asphalt pavement sealers to provide the BEST protection and a fresh, new look your pavement deserves.

When it comes to pavement preservation, an often-overlooked piece of the puzzle is periodic preventive care. A vital element to such preventive care throughout the service life of a pavement surface — for driveways, parking lots, residential streets and more — is sealcoating.

By offering a variety of quality sealer products and sealcoating equipment, Crafco can help protect and beautify your pavement. Combined with our other proven preservation programs, such as crack sealing, sealcoating will considerably increase the quality and longevity of an asphalt-pavement surface.

Quality Pavement Sealers from Crafco

Crafco offers a comprehensive lineup of sealers to meet your every need. From our selection of proven and trusted refined tar sealers to our innovative LP sealers, we can deliver the right product for any job. Check out our diverse collection of both classic and premium solutions and find which work best for you.


Why Crafco Pavement Sealers?

Now that we understand what makes sealing cracks and sealcoating such a valuable strategy, the question becomes: Why Crafco? Well, it goes back to that promise we’ve kept for 42 years. Through quality, innovation, and value, Crafco has helped deliver safety and confidence, earning the trust and partnership of thousands of agencies and contractors worldwide. Additionally, our products and equipment have been key in improving neighborhoods and driver welfare, enhancing quality of life.

Crafco is diligent in selecting the best raw materials, and we require all products to be tested to meet or exceed the ASTM guidelines. We perform numerous tests to ensure product performance and consistency, and we even go so far as to not allow sealcoat orders to leave our facilities if they’ve been diluted to a point that will compromise quality. Simply put, our quality control is unparalleled because we care about what we put our name on.

As the sealcoating business has evolved, Crafco has remained at the forefront of the industry and continues to create, modify, and perfect a wide variety of sealcoat options.

Regardless of whether you’re seeking one of our options that has an eye on the future, or if a reliable and traditional sealcoat option is best for you, Crafco has you covered. Our comprehensive selection — which features options within each category — includes refined tar sealcoat, asphalt emulsion sealcoat, and LP sealcoat which stands for low-PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon).

An ongoing preventive plan of sealer re-application every 3-6 years will keep your surface looking and performing great for decades.

High Performance Sealcoat

Developed to provide maximum protection against harmful elements, while providing a new, rich black color.

Commitment to Quality

Crafco manufactures and performs extensive testing to acheive the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Strategic Partnerships

Collaborating on the latest research and testing to deliver a variety of cutting-edge sealcoat options.

Strong Supply Network

Meeting our customer’s needs, we’ll deliver to your tank or job site, or you can fill up at our Supply Centers.


3 Reasons to Sealcoat Your Asphalt Pavement

Extend Pavement Service Life

Sealcoating with Crafco’s asphalt pavement sealer products protects pavement from water, oil, fuel, UV rays, de-icing salts, and other harmful elements that can rapidly degrade its surface. Protection from these dangers preserves the integrity of asphalt binder, which prevents key components from breaking down and helps to preserve the pavement base. It’s best to begin a sealer strategy at the start of a pavement’s life, but if you’ve waited until your pavement has started to show signs of aging, it’s not too late. Crafco pavement sealers can preserve pavement life and beautify older pavement.

Enhance Your Property’s Appeal

Sealcoating with Crafco’s asphalt pavement sealer products restores that rich, black color we all love to see on asphalt surfaces. It enhances the visual appearance of parking lots and driveways, thus increasing the value of one’s property and resonating with drivers, customers, and others.

Reduce Costly Repairs

By preserving the quality of your pavement with periodic sealcoating, the need for major repair options, such as asphalt overlays, is reduced, if not eliminated. When you appropriately seal your surface, it will pay for itself exponentially over the life of your pavement. According to the Pavement Coatings Technology Council, homeowners can save $8,000 on an 18-foot by 30-foot driveway with regularly scheduled sealcoating.


Quality Pavement Sealers from Crafco



Where to get Action Pave

With our Crafco Pavement Preservation Supply Centers and sealer distributors strategically located across the country, we have you covered. If you want Action Pave, we will find a way to serve you.

  • Fill up at any of our Crafco Supply Centers
  • Fill up at any of our authorized distributors
  • Get delivery to your tanks
  • Get tanker delivery to your job site

Sealcoating Tools & Support

  • Crafco Sealcoating Calculator – Calculate the amount of sealcoating material you need for your next project.
  • Tank Volume Calculator – Calculate the amount of sealcoating material that will fit in your tank. This calculator has options for several shapes, sizes, and orientations of a tank.