Crafco Announces Acquisition of PoreShield™

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Patented technology represents new generation of concrete protectants


[Chandler, Arizona] — Crafco Inc. announces its acquisition of PoreShield™, a revolutionary durability enhancer for concrete preservation. This soy-based spray outperforms traditional concrete sealers and has been proven in real-life applications to last 10+ years. PoreShield™ is 100% American-made from farm to infrastructure. It is a sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly product.

“PoreShield™ represents the next generation of pavement preservation products: safer, easier to use and more effective,” said Lisa Zentner, Vice President of Specialty Products for Crafco. “With this acquisition, Crafco is poised to enter new markets, helping reduce the burden of preserving concrete in a variety of applications. PoreShield™ is truly the future of concrete preservation.”

PoreShield™ is a patented, soy-based product created through a research collaboration between the Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA), Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transportation, funded by soybean checkoff dollars. PoreShield™ has been used across the US to protect concrete in agriculture, transportation and other fields. State DOTs in Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin have conducted real-world testing of PoreShield™ and adopted it for use in road projects.

“Innovation has long been a strategic imperative at Crafco, so we appreciate the extensive research and development invested in PoreShield™,” said Gary Johnson, Crafco President. “We are pleased to welcome this inventive product into our lineup because we believe it will become the new standard in concrete preservation.”

Unlike topical sealers, PoreShield™ works by absorbing into the concrete’s pores, blocking water penetration which carries destructive salt ions. PoreShield™ stays fluid over time and protects new cracks as they form.

“This cutting-edge, renewable and sustainable technology has proven, powerful performance protecting and preserving new and existing concrete infrastructure including PCCP joints, highways, bridges, buildings, pipes and walkways throughout the nation,” said Paul Imbrock, the technical lead for PoreShield™.

Imbrock previously worked with the Illinois Soybean Alliance and is joining the Crafco team as PoreShield Product Manager to continue developing and promoting PoreShield™.

Public works departments and contractors alike appreciate that PoreShield™ can be used on new or existing concrete, works in all climates, and drastically improves the estimated service life of concrete with or without fly ash. PoreShield™ also permits the adhesion of materials like crack sealant or mastic for later repairs. It is nonhazardous, low odor, low VOC, and simple to apply with a sprayer. No personal protective equipment is required for application, and cleanup is easy with just soap and water.

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Crafco, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of pavement preservation products and equipment. Based in Chandler, Arizona, Crafco also supplies specialized preservation products to the roofing, waterproofing and athletic surfacing industries. Crafco was established in 1976 and is a subsidiary of Ergon, Inc., based in Jackson, Mississippi. Crafco helped pioneer the pavement preservation industry and continues to invest in cutting-edge research to extend the service life of infrastructure around the globe.