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Concrete Curing Compounds & Commercial Liquids

When concrete dries, moisture leaves the surface quickly, and can cause shrinkage cracking of the surface. Adding a liquid concrete curing compound helps prevent the rapid loss of moisture during the early hardening period.

Curing products are used in a wide variety of concrete construction projects such as roadways, airport runways, parking lots and curbs. Crafco’s curing products will produce hard, long lasting concrete which maximizes the life expectancy of the surface.

Concrete Curing Compounds

Crafco offers a wide variety of curing compound products designed to strengthen newly paved concrete surfaces. Crafco’s curing products are formulated with the highest-quality ingredients to provide maximum stability and protection and to withstand the weight of everyday traffic, changes in weather, and UV exposure. Crafco’s curing applications include concrete construction projects, such as roadways, airport runways, parking lots, and curbs.

Commercial Liquids

Crafco Commercial Liquids are formulated to increase the quality of your project and the longevity of your surface. Our Reactive Form Release products are a film forming treatment that prevents the bonding of fresh concrete mix to forms, tools, and equipment.