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Bridge Waterproofing


Water kills bridges. Water seeps through the pavement eroding the structure and corroding interior metal supports. Waterproofing the bridge deck, can prevent water, chemicals, and debris from reaching the bridge structure.

Ultraseal Products

The Ultraseal Waterproofing System is a built up multi-layer system used to protect the pavement surface from chlorides, water penetration and other harmful materials. The system is made up of four parts – Ultraseal Primer, Ultraseal Reinforcing Fabric, Ultraseal Bridge Deck Membrane, and Ultraseal Protection Board. The proper installation and layering of these products creates a waterproof barrier that protects bridges from water damage.

System at a Glance

  • Overlay
  • Tack Coat
  • Ultraseal Protection Board
  • Ultraseal 3750 MTO
  • Ultraseal Reinforcing Fabric
  • Ultraseal 3750 MTO
  • Ultraseal Primer

Visit our Ultraseal page for more information.

Ultraseal waterproofing system diagram