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Athletic Courts

Our Courts

World-class surfaces require precision, experience and a high attention to detail. At Crafco our courts:

  • Provide a variety of court compositions that meet all needs and specifications
  • Adhere to stringent QA/QC guidelines, performed by our expert, in-house team
  • Are responsive and adhere to critical shock absorption and traction standards, helping to improve play and reduce injuries.

Sport Courts Brochure

Our Services

Professional Installation and Resurfacing of Athletic Court Surfaces

New Installations and Resurfacing

  • A variety of acrylic court surfaces to meet any budget from entry level to high performance courts
  • Crafco is the manufacturer and certified installer of Action Pave Acrylic Color Coating Systems
  • Experience you can count on, professional installations/resurfacing you can trust. That’s because we guarantee our materials and workmanship from the beginning to the completion of your project
  • Crafco is a Certified installer for ARMOR Crack Repair Systems
  • Court Conversions

Valued Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Professional restoration of existing athletic courts
  • Power washing and cleaning

Comprehensive Court Repair

  • Repair of bird baths, surface cracks and deep cracks
  • Removal of graffiti, blemishes, scaring, marring and peeling

Precision Court Striping

  • Striping and restriping performed by highly qualified, in-house Crafco crews
  • NFHS and NCAA certified markings available
  • Custom logos and graphics
  • Markings meet USTA, ITF and ASBA specifications

Court Equipment

  • Posts for tennis & basketball
  • Nets for tennis, basketball & mobile nets for pickleball
  • Basketball backboards and many other accessories to complete your court


  • Athletic Court assessment
  • Technical evaluation


Action Pave® Acrylic Color Coating System

PLAY YOUR BEST EVERY TIME! Experience the difference with Action Pave 100% Acrylic Color Coating System®. Action Pave; trusted for its quality and durability. Action Pave products by Crafco, provide a tough, weather resistant finish that protects athletic surfaces against champion-level competition and harsh Northeast weather conditions. Action Pave Acrylic Color Coating System is ideal for tennis courts, basketball courts, pickleball courts, hockey/in-line skating and play areas.

Action Pave Acrylic Color Coatings are formulated with 100% acrylic emulsions and resins, mineral fillers and special reinforcing, color-fast pigments to assure proper adhesion and maximum surface durability and longevity. For those of you who demand only the best, Action Pave Acrylic Cushion offers the ultimate in championship caliber resiliency. Formulated with varying gradations of granulated rubber particles suspended in acrylic emulsions, Action Pave Acrylic Cushion is super resilient to reduce foot and leg fatigue, but durable enough to resist impact and gouging.

Action Pave Acrylic Color Coating systems can be tailored to your specific tastes and customized to your specific abilities, from beginner to professional.

Action Pave Acrylic Color Coating System Brochure

Choose the Court System that’s right for you

We provide multiple types of sport court systems that can be customized to meet your needs. They are formulated with 100% acrylic emulsions and resins, mineral fillers and UV stabilized color-fast pigments.

The image below illustrates the various component layers that may be incorporated into the surface depending upon which Action Pave System is selected.

  1. Line Striping

  2. Acrylic Finish

  3. Acrylic Filler

  4. Acrylic Cushion

  5. Acrylic Super Cushion

  6. Acrylic Resurfacer

  7. Concrete or Asphalt


From Tennis to Basketball, we service a variety of Sport Court Surfaces

We service the following athletic services and many more. Our experienced sales team will work with you in selecting the best court type that meets your requirements.

Criteria to be considered when selecting a new athletic surface may include:

  • New court or resurfacing of an existing court
  • Asphalt or concrete base
  • Condition of the base
  • Single or multipurpose play
  • Use to include activities other than sport/play
  • Level of force reduction desired
  • Speed of play desired
  • Public or secure private location
  • Unique color pattern or logos
  • Budget
  • Scheduling restraints


Choose from a variety of Court Surface Colors

Crafco installs and maintains track and athletic court surfaces in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.