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Running Tracks

Our Surfaces

World-class surfaces require precision, experience and a high attention to detail. At Crafco our surfaces:

  • Provide a variety of track compositions that meet all needs and specifications.
  • Adhere to stringent QA/QC guidelines, performed by our expert, in-house team.
  • Are made from materials that are highly durable, providing years of service.
  • Are easy to maintain.
  • Are environmentally responsible.

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Certified Beynon® Track Installer – Exclusive to the state of New York

Beynon® surfaces are found in North America’s most prestigious track and field facilities, reputed collegiate campuses, high schools, and city parks. Beynon’s high performance synthetic athletic surfaces are designed for speed, competition, and most importantly, daily training. We are a leading installer of Beynon-manufactured synthetic running track surfacing systems. Professionals in the industry turn to Crafco; imagine what we can do for you.


Crafco Running Track Services

New Installations and Resurfacing

  • All grades and types of polyurethane running tracks to meet any budget from entry level to high performance surfaces.
  • Including elastic layers or e-layers, the shock absorbing layer beneath synthetic turf fields.
  • Certified Beynon service provider, exclusive for the state of New York.

Valued Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Professional restoration of existing athletic surfaces.
  • Power washing and cleaning.
  • Drain cleaning.

Comprehensive Track Repair

  • Repair of seam cracks, edge cracks, cuts, gouges and snowplow damage.
  • Removal of graffiti, blemishes, scaring, marring, peeling of the mat (delamination) and more.

Precision Track Striping

  • Striping and restriping performed by highly qualified, in-house Crafco crews.
  • NFHS, NCAA and World Athletics (IAAF) certified markings available.
  • Custom logos and graphics.


  • Track assessment
  • Technical evaluation


Crafco installs and maintains track and athletic court surfaces in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.