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Government Agency Lenders

NCL Government Capital for Sourcewell Members

What is NCL Government Capital?

NCL Government Capital is an independently owned company, providing procurement solutions for government and educational agencies nationwide. NCL Government Capital is the only Sourcewell-awarded finance contract for state, local, education and tribal purchasing.

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Benefits of financing with NCL Government Capital

  • Lowest rates
  • No long-term debt created
  • No public voter approval
  • Immediate ownership
  • Non-appropriation clause enables termination of agreement without further obligation or penalty
  • Access to top tier service and financing increases purchasing power
  • Meets competitive bid requirements
  • This municipal finance option can be used with all Crafco equipment and other leading brands.

This municipal finance option is available to Sourcewell members. Crafco offers additional commercial financing options through our trusted third-party lender. To review additional finance options, visit Crafco Financing.