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HP ER Asphalt Cold Patch™ – The Most Effective, Permanent Repair Material On The Market

Crafco HP ER Cold Patch™ is a high performance, ready to use, permanent pavement patching material. Crafco HP ER Cold Patch™ is specially formulated with NO VOC and a proprietary blend of rejuvenating & adhesion promoting additives to improve the repair’s longevity for long-term performance.

With Crafco HP ER Cold Patch™, STOP repairing the same area multiple times. Crafco HP ER Cold Patch™ is easy to use – no mixing, heating or special application equipment required and is ideal for repairing potholes, utility cuts, wide cracks and other pavement voids and distresses on roads, highways, airport pavements, bridge, and parking decks, and much more. Available in easy-to-use 50 lb. bags & bulk!

Six key attributes make HP ER the most effective solution:

  1. PLIABLE – A proprietary blend engineered to remain workable in all climates and temperatures; even below freezing.
  2. STABILITY – Enhanced binder design strengthens aggregate matrix ensuring repair remains together. Open to traffic immediately. No raveling or rutting.
  3. STRONG BOND – Rejuvenation and adhesion additives provide increased cohesion so aggregate stays in the repair.
  4. SELECT AGGREGATE – Aggregate is evaluated and selected based on several factors, such as gradation and absorption. This allows for effective compaction and long-term performance.
  5. SELF-PRIMING – Completely self-priming, coated aggregate creates a strong and lasting bond.
  6. ENHANCED ADHESION – Strengthened adhesive properties keep material together even when applied in wet conditions without any separation of the aggregate.

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