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Specialty Products


QwikDots applicationUse the Crafco QwikDots system to adhere sign posts, rumble strips, speed bumps, parking bumpers, temporary signs or most anything else to both concrete and asphalt pavements. Crafco QwikDots are pressure sensitive peel and stick modified asphalt adhesive pads.



QwikSeal applicationQwikSeal is a peel and stick, modified asphalt compound ideal for sealing cracks, seams around pavement patches and concrete joints. Applying QwikSeal is as simple as blowing the pavement making sure the surface is clean and dry, unrolling QwikSeal and applying it to the surface. Warm the edges to assure a long lasting bond. Properly installed, QwikSeal prevents water intrusion and the deterioration it causes to the pavement. QwikSeal is compounded to perform in a wide range of climates and conditions.


QwikStix applicationThe Crafco QwikStix is a fast and easy way to adhere pavement markers or do small crack repairs. The only tool required is a small torch. Peel back the self release cardboard box and melt just enough to do the job. Single markers or touch up to a crack sealing project are ideal for the QwikStix. QwikStix work equally well on AC or PCCP pavements.




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