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Prevent Spring Potholes. Use Crafco Sealant Now To Stop Winter Damage.

Winter freeze-thaw cycles cause cracks to expand and become bigger problems. Stop potholes before they happen by crack sealing to prevent water from seeping into the pavement.

Without proper sealing, 75% of cracks form into potholes. Sealing cracks with high-quality Crafco sealants provides a long-term solution and reduces the occurrence of potholes. Crafco sealants are engineered to work in all climates and are the best performing sealants in the industry. For larger cracks, Crafco Mastic One® provides a long-lasting, waterproof barrier against potholes and compared to HMA, is easier to apply. Crafco’s pavement preservation products ensure today’s minor pavement challenges don’t become tomorrow’s costly distresses.



Cracks Routed, Cleaned, and Sealed Achieve More than Twice the Service Life of Non-Routed Cracks, Saving You Money!

1. Double sealant service life by routing

When performed prior to use of Crafco’s high-quality sealants, routing provides a solution proven to double sealant service life vs. non-routed and sealed cracks — making the most of your investment. Our rout/seal configuration has resulted in sealant service performance in asphalt pavement for 7+ years — the longest in the industry.

Why use the Crafco Pavement Router? Our router has been the industry standard for more than 30 years. There is no better way to effectively and efficiently create sealant crack reservoirs than with the Crafco Model 30 Pavement Router. Its lightweight mobile design, unique center of balance, and cutter-head alignment make it easy to operate and deliver unsurpassed crack-following accuracy.

Routing cracks will prolong pavement life, will prolong sealant life, and prevent potholes.


2. Clean Routed Cracks for longer sealant performance

Independent studies prove that clean, dry pavement cracks treated with a routed reservoir extend sealant’s performance (achieving 7+ years in SHRP H-106). This longer lifespan not only limits sealant costs but eliminates labor, materials, road closures, traffic control/congestion, and driving hazards associated with rework.

Why choose the Crafco Crack-Vac 2? Our Crack-Vac 2 is uniquely designed to be the most effective at cleaning cracks or patching potholes. It removes dirt and debris from pavement cracks, virtually dust-free, with compressed air, ensuring proper preparation. The Crafco Crack-Vac 2 reduces respirable dust and silica exposure, achieving the industry’s lowest OELs.

Cleaning cracks has never been easier or more effective than with the Crack-Vac 2!


3. Crack sealing is the proven, lowest-cost-with-highest-benefit pavement preservation treatment!

For the majority of cracks that develop in pavement, the best treatment is crack sealing. Unlike crack filling, which usually only lasts one to two seasons, crack sealing can seal, protect, and preserve the pavement for more than seven years, and has proven to extend pavement service life more than 7 years.

Why choose Crafco sealants? Crafco achieved the longest pavement sealant service life in the industry!

Cracks sealed using Crafco high-quality sealants have been proven to extend sealant service life for more than 7 years in Asphalt Cement (AC) and 21 years in Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) pavements.

Contact us to learn more about our industry-leading crack sealing equipment and materials.