Crafco, Inc. Launches New HP ER Enhancer Program

Producers of asphalt cold mix can now make Crafco’s eco-friendly, high performance cold patch using the new HP ER Enhancer mix design and quality assurance provided by Crafco’s expert team of lab and field technicians.

The recognized leader in asphalt modification announces a “game-changing” HP ER Enhancer Program. Crafco, Inc.’s new HP ER Enhancer provides producers with a simple, safe, and cost-effective asphalt modifier to produce Crafco’s signature high-performance, ready-to-use, eco-friendly HP ER Asphalt Cold Patch™ in any hot mix plant or pugmill.

An organic, No VOC base viscosity modifier with a proprietary blend of rejuvenating and adhesion-promoting additives, HP ER Enhancer is designed to blend with paving grade asphalt to produce Crafco’s HP ER Binder for high-performance cold patch production. Packaged in premeasured totes for easy shipping and storage, HP ER Enhancer is safe to blend and produce in all types of hot mix plants and pugmills with a higher flash point than conventional cutback blends. HP Enhancer requires lower binder content than traditional cold mix binders, which equates to a higher yield in tonnage.

“Crafco HP ER Asphalt Cold Patch has been the most effective, high-performance repair material on the market for years and still is to this day,” said Crafco VP National Sales & Marketing, Tom Kelly. “Our new HP ER Enhancer program provides any producer with simple asphalt blending capabilities, the ability to produce the highest quality asphalt cold patch anywhere in the world, trouble-free, in their plant.”

With the HP ER Enhancer Program, Crafco and its materials development team are providing the signature formula, analysis, and expert instruction to bulk produce an asphalt repair material that is cost-effective, safe, eco-friendly and offers superior performance.

“We are committed to delivering an innovative product that will transform how producers meet the needs of their customers,” Kelly said. “We cannot wait to connect with producers looking to partner with Crafco’s winning team.”